To us at Palazzo Motor Lodge, Nelson feels like the centre of the world, but in reality, it is the centre of New Zealand! Back in the 1800s, Nelson was used as the country’s central survey point. Whether this makes it the country’s literal midpoint or not, Nelson is centrally located at the very tip of the South Island; the North Island is only a ferry ride away and the rest of the South Island stretches out below us. 

The Centre of New Zealand Walk 

The Centre of New Zealand Walk celebrates this historic spot. The trail starts at the Botanical Reserve in Nelson and offers a few different walkway routes. Whichever one you choose, this steep hour-long walk will take you to the summit, where you can marvel over the 360-degree view of Nelson city and the surrounding Nelson-Tasman region. 

Along the Way… 

History: The Reserve – the walk’s starting point – is the location of New Zealand’s first rugby game ever! 

Nature: View the native flora as you work your way up to the summit. 

Seating: If you find yourself short of breath, take a scenic break on the seating along the trail.  

Keep Going: Once you reach the summit, lengthen your walk by heading down towards Branford Park on the east side and look out for the Black Hole if you’re keen for a swim! 

Get There 

To reach The Centre of New Zealand Walk, park on Hardy Street East and walk over the footbridge towards the Botanical Reserve.