Nelson’s quaint feel, historic significance and temperate oceanic climate makes it a great garden city. If you’re here to unwind and enjoy the region’s natural beauty, make sure to stop and smell the roses as you meander through Palazzo Motor Lodge’s three favourite gardens. 

Queen’s Gardens 

The Queen in question here is Victoria – these gardens were opened in 1892 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee and they were created in a classic Victorian design. Information is posted around the garden, which teaches visitors about its 125-year history. 

Wander around these stunning gardens and make sure to stop at the famous sculptures, including the Cupid Fountain, the Water Wheel and the Boer War Memorial. 

Gardens of the World 

With both native and exotic plants from around the world, Gardens of the World, just a half hour drive from our Nelson motel accommodation, will give you a taste of the globe through its six gorgeous acres. The Gardens are not only a very popular tourist destination, but they are also a favoured spot for weddings and events. 

There are the gardens of New Zealand, Australia, America, Africa, Europe and the Orient. A lot of time, effort and dedication has been put into each one to make recreate that part of the world as accurately as possible. 

Miyazu Japanese Garden 

Miyazu in the Japanese sister city of Nelson and this garden celebrate that relationship. The Japanese Garden features ponds, bamboo and serene water cascades, letting visitors truly feel like they are getting a taste of Japan in New Zealand. 

Strolling around the Garden, stop to take in the Japanese-inspired Dragon Pond, with its unmissable 30-year-old bonsai tree. Carry on and find the stone basin, which is traditionally used in cleaning rituals before tea ceremonies. Later, you will stumble upon the Japanese Yen garden of raked sand and the iconic Japanese cherry trees which blossom in spring.